Baby Pumpkin

B and I are not big into Halloween (except when I get to take advantage of chocolate candies) but this year, we (I) were set on pumpkin carving together for the first time.  We went to Trader Joe’s to get some milk and decided to get a pumpkin there as well.  For only $3.99, you could pick any “generic” pumpkin you wanted from the bin.  The specialty ones with different colors, stripes, and bumps were three dollars more.  Well, we probably waited too late given that it was only 2 weeks before Halloween and many of the non-specialty pumpkins had white fuzzy moldy stems and bruised sides.  B prohibited me from digging through the bin of heavy orange gourds myself so I helped him seek out the prettiest roundest non-moldy stemmed pumpkin.  Originally my greedy self wanted to carve three – one for me, one for B, and one for baby.  But I had mercy on B and said we would just take one.  The first one I thought I wanted ended up being flat on one side.  The second one I thought I wanted had beige warty patches.  Then finally, after B had shifted these pumpkins from one side of the bin and back, I spotted the perfect pumpkin – at the very bottom.  If I had married any lesser of a gentleman, I am sure by that point I would have either been abandoned at Trader Joe’s or yelled into the car with a non-perfect pumpkin.

Anyhoo, we carried our perfect baby pumpkin-to-be home and carved it two nights ago.  I googled, “cute pumpkin faces” and “baby pumpkin” for inspiration.  Not very innovative searches, but I ended up finding something I liked and tweeked it a little to make it as cute as I could.  I sharpied the design onto the pumpkin (after getting B’s approval) and B used his expert carving skills to make my vision come to life.  We took turns scooping out the gooey stringy innards and after much chipping away…

pumpkinmaking3    pumpkinmaking2    pumpkinmaking1



Since we are the cheesy couple that we are, we could not help but pose in this way with our baby pumpkin.  In case you are not familiar with this pose, we are poking at her dimples.



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