Soapy Water BEGONE!

For some time, B has been bringing up how his bar soap is getting icky sticky soft sitting in a bath of water because the tupperware container is a poor soap dish.  We did not bother to search much for a soap dish that would do the trick in fixing the soggy mess but today, I finally got around to “engineering” a solution that we have yet to see if it works.


I found some discarded popsicle sticks from old ice cream bars that B’s parents had consumed (don’t worry, they were clean).  With some hot glue, I stuck the sticks together and placed it in the original (with all the scum scrubbed out) tupperware “soap dish”  The sticks were just the right size to stay elevated above the floor of the soap dish by a 1/2 inch.

place in container

I popped the soap back on and we shall see in a few days if this solution is viable.


How do you keep your soap from turning to mush?


2 thoughts on “Soapy Water BEGONE!

  1. You get a soap dish with a drain in it. Unfortunately I personally haven’t been able to find one in a store. Very silly. When the Popsicle sticks get moldy, I would suggest either buying a new one (e.g. search Amazon, which has many choices) or I can give you those Edible Arrangements sticks for you to glue in staggered formation over maybe two piece of them to make a rack. I knew those things would be good for something. hehe

    • Yes, sadly, the popsicle sticks did not work very long and collapsed. Brian drilled holes in a plastic soap dish and now I think we have solved the problem.

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