More & More Apples

Hopefully you like apples as much as I do or else you will soon be tired of my posts.  I promise that after the baby shower, there will be fewer apple themed projects but in the meantime, I am delighted to show you what I have been concocting in my spare time.  To decorate the food at the baby shower, I have replicated a project I discovered on Pinterest (kind of my favorite way to collect creative ideas from wonderfully creative people), Apple Pie Toppers.


Here is a quick tutorial of how to make some yourself if you happen to find yourself with neither green pipe cleaners nor pom pom makers.

1. Get yourself some red yarn, fork, scissors, wooden skewers (the kind for BBQ), and cut some green felt leaves.  (You will also need hot glue!)



2. Take some red yarn and wind it around the fork.  Make sure to keep it tight as you do so.


3.  Keep winding the thread.  The thicker you make it, the more fluffy the pom-pom.  For apples, you’ll want fluffy pom-poms ^_^.


4. Gently (oh so gently) slip the bundle of yarn you have found off the fork and wrap the middle (lengthwise) tightly with a separate piece of yarn.  Knot it super tightly and trim.


5.  Now you are ready to snip away at the bundle.  Cut the yarn pieces so that they are now free and poking out. snipsnip

6.  Once you are done snipping away at all the ends, you will have a very oddly shaped pom-pom that looks more like a hairball than an apple.


7.  Don’t be disheartened!  Now it is time to trim the hairball into a more round and pleasing form.  To make it easier to trim around, poke the skewer through the ball’s center but do not glue yet!


8.  Once you are done with the trimming it to your liking, dab some hot glue on the stick and slip the pom-pom on until it covers the glue.  Then add a little hot glue to the top and wrap your leaves around the pointy tip of the stick.  Be careful not to hurt your fingers!  You have now finished making your apple pom-pom! snipandglue

Here is a quick peek at another easy project I made that was inspired by a Pinterest board on Back-to-School party accessories.  Easy-peasy – just take some green felt leaves and hot glue them to the edge of red plates!  That makes the platter you eat from so much more apple-tizing, yah?



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