Easy Peasy Baby Blanket

Winter is here and my baby bunting to come needed a warm fuzzy blanket to cuddle in and to be wrapped in.  Here is a quick tutorial of how to make your own baby blanket for your loved ones.  This project will yield a rectangular blanket with rounded edges.  If you would rather have a square blanket, cut it down to size.  If you would rather not have rounded edges, skip that step below.

Materials you need:

  • 1 yard cotton fabric
  • 1 yard chenille (or another fuzzy cozy fabric)
  • thread, scissors, sewing machine, pins (the usual stuff)

Make sure that the fabric is washed and dried to avoid shrinking and bunched up edges once you do wash the blanket.  The best way I have found to wash fabric is to put the raw cut fabric into a mesh laundry bag used for delicates to avoid tons of frayed tangled edges.  You can find these mesh bags at Wal-Mart, Target, the Container Store, etc.

Alright, here we go!

Step 1: Take your ironed cotton fabric and trim the edges.  I folded the fabric to cut the edges more quickly.  B has been so good as to get me a set of rotary cutters and accompanying mat, which helps me cut down the time for prep work and to cut straight lines.


Step 2: Make rounded edges.  I traced along the bottom of my recycling wastebasket (don’t worry, I will wash the blanket again)


Step 3: Layer the cotton fabric on top of the chenille, the cut around the edges of the chenille.  My chenille fabric was actually longer than a yard, which is why you see so much excess fabric.


Step 4: Pin the cotton fabric and the chenille right sides facing each other.  Make sure to get the edges as well as safety pinning the fabrics in the middle to avoid shifting during sewing.


Step 5: Sew the fabric together 1/2 inch away from the edge.  BE SURE TO LEAVE AN OPENING about 3 inches in length to turn the blanket inside out.


At this point, you might notice some of the chenille’s fuzziness has dropped into your lap.  Lint rollers are handy to have nearby ^^


Step 6: Trim the edges and make sure to cut triangles into the rounded corners so that they look smooth.  Turn the fabrics inside out through the opening.

   sniproundedcorners     turnrightsideout 

Step 7: Iron the blanket so that the edges are flattened and smoothed.  I then stitched the opening of the blanket together using the invisible stitch (sometimes known as the blind stitch).  Then sew around the edge of the blanket that is now right side out.  I used about a 1/2 inch margin once again but you can adjust that according to your preference.

sewallaroundagain      completed

Step 8: This step is optional.  Since I felt that the two fabrics might shift during use and washes, I decided to disperse a few quilt knots to secure the two pieces of the blanket together.  Thread through and tie using a surgeon’s knot.


Step 9:  Sit back and enjoy your new blanket!


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