Going Pumpkin Picking

I’m a little (big) pumpkin, short and stout…


This post is about a month overdue.  B and I went pumpkin picking with his family a little before Halloween this year.  We explored Demarest Farms in Hillsdale, NJ.  While I had my reservations about the place because of it’s very commercial-like feel (i.e. needing to pay $5 to take the hay ride to get to the pumpkin patch where the pumpkins were already cut and laid out for picking), we had a great time taking pictures, eating apple cider donuts, and finding pumpkins.  Here are some pictures from our adventure (I apologize in advance that most of them feature myself – B likes to take pictures, I don’t mind posing, and I have automatic photo permission to show up on my blog).


Riding an immovable tractor under B’s supervision.


Drooling over the apple cider donuts and potato pancakes.  Which one to pick?  Plain, cinnamon sugar, or powdered?

 Go with the cinnamon sugar, they are the most moist!  Baby kicked in agreement ^_^


Still haven’t gotten any taller since 8th grade but my waistline sure is growing rapidly these days!


Sitting prim and proper in the pumpkin patch.


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