A Snack Mat Yummy Enough to Eat


While I made this snack mat in November, I couldn’t post this project until after Christmas because it would spoil the surprise for my sister.  I put this snack mat together using scrap fabrics that I had of yarn, felt, cotton, and heavier weighted home fabrics.  The items on her snack mat were inspired by some of her favorite foods (chocolate, fruit, Walker biscuits, and green tea).  As I assembled the project, I felt myself drooling at the thought of these foods.  Especially with being pregnant, my imagination and appetite are on par with one another.

I first began by assembling the food pieces one by one and used embroidery to add details to each food.placemantpieces

Afterwards, I sewed the chocolate, strawberries, and cookies onto the plate.  Then I sewed the plate and tea (+ tea tag) onto the taupe fabric.  Next, I embroidered the thread for the tea bag.


The taupe fabric was layered on top of this cute chicken fabric that I found irresistibly cute.  The last step was binding the entire mat with the red fabric.


I hope that my sister is not afraid to use this snack mat frequently as a way to decorate her meals.

Oh what fun it is to eat when you have a snack mat covered in treats!  ^__^


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