The Last Baby Picture (with baby inside)

Today is Christmas and it also marks the 38th week of my pregnancy.  B and I have been getting ready for baby and look forward to having her with us outside of my belly.  I really cannot recall what it feels like to not have a baby inside and I am hoping that I am not doing too much damage to either her or myself with all these holiday treats I have been scarfing down!

After week 36, to do our fruit and veggie pictures we would have had to find a winter melon, a pumpkin, and a watermelon.  Since I am not so partial to winter melon and pumpkin and watermelon are not in season, we decided that week 36 would be our last pose-with-produce-photo.  Therefore, we found a big honeydew at the nearby H-mart on sale for $1.99!  What good fortune ^__^.


I also made a few more dresses for baby as I said I would from my earlier post: Red Apple Baby Dress.  B has asked me to pause my sewing for a while to do more drawing.  I think I will oblige because I (and baby) probably need some time away from our clanking machine.

Bow-Tied Top Dress


Reversible Geranium Dress with Flutter Sleeves

reversabledress1 reversabledress3


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