About Apples

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Starting with Apples!  I am so glad you have come to visit and I hope that you enjoy your time here and come back often.  The name Starting with Apples comes from my first ventures in creating works of art.  When I was a wee little 1 year old girl, my mother taught me how to draw apples.  I was fascinated and began drawing circles and lines all over the place, including my aunt’s textbooks. Thankfully she did not mind too much.  Since then, I have learned to draw and to create other things.  I delight in baking, sewing, crafting, and teaching – really anything that involves getting messy first in order to make something beautiful!  This blog is my way of documenting and sharing my exploration of these passions while I also learn to be a wife, mother, and follower of Christ.

With bushels and bushels of gratitude,



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