Crib Update + Baby’s Arrival

Our first child, P, was born on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 at 4:15pm.  I was incredibly blessed to have B’s presence by my side through the whole labor and to now have a baby girl to cherish daily.  Each new day I am reminded of how good God is by her presence and of how much I need His strength and love to raise her.

Due to my new responsibilities, my posts are likely to become shorter and less frequent, but I hope to keep you, dear readers, updated as best I can!  Below are some pictures that I promised I would post of the finished crib!  They include the easy peasy blanket, the first quilt I ever made, the bird mobile, and P’s stuffed toys (Lexington the Lion and the Tres Peas).

IMG_9940  IMG_9933IMG_9928


The Last Baby Picture (with baby inside)

Today is Christmas and it also marks the 38th week of my pregnancy.  B and I have been getting ready for baby and look forward to having her with us outside of my belly.  I really cannot recall what it feels like to not have a baby inside and I am hoping that I am not doing too much damage to either her or myself with all these holiday treats I have been scarfing down!

After week 36, to do our fruit and veggie pictures we would have had to find a winter melon, a pumpkin, and a watermelon.  Since I am not so partial to winter melon and pumpkin and watermelon are not in season, we decided that week 36 would be our last pose-with-produce-photo.  Therefore, we found a big honeydew at the nearby H-mart on sale for $1.99!  What good fortune ^__^.


I also made a few more dresses for baby as I said I would from my earlier post: Red Apple Baby Dress.  B has asked me to pause my sewing for a while to do more drawing.  I think I will oblige because I (and baby) probably need some time away from our clanking machine.

Bow-Tied Top Dress


Reversible Geranium Dress with Flutter Sleeves

reversabledress1 reversabledress3

Showered with Love for Baby and Me

After celebrating and cooking Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends on Thursday, attending a potluck fellowship dinner with my family’s church friends on Friday, we finished the marathon with a baby shower this past Saturday!  B and I were pretty tired but he and my best friend (S) were ever so helpful in getting things put together in time for when the guests arrived.  All the preparation was worth it and it was such a joy to be able to celebrate the coming of our baby girl with such dear friends.  What blesses me most is how much love and prayer baby, B, and I are covered in by so many.  It makes the journey ahead as parents less daunting just knowing that we have such support and encouragement to help us through.

Remember the posts from before with all the apple baby stationary and apple pom pom tutorial?  You will see some of those featured in the pictures below.  Pictures were taken by D. Ko, a good friend of S’s who I just met at Thanksgiving but graciously devoted herself to helping me capture these precious moments.

IMG_9548 IMG_9547 IMG_9546

Some goodies that I baked included mini apple pies and my youngest brother’s favorite Bavarian Apple Torte.  Click on the links for the recipes!  They are worth trying and easy peasy to make ^_^. (p.s. I cheat on the apples in the torte by just layering the top with one thinly sliced apple and reducing the amount of sugar and cinnamon as well.  It still tastes just as good!)

IMG_9554 IMG_9555

Here are some other pictures of all the fun we had writing encouraging/funny notes on diapers, playing price is right, sharing motherly advice, and playing with tissue pom-poms.  Thank you ladies and gents for partaking in all the silliness!


IMG_9549The End!

Posing with Fruits and Veggies

During this pregnancy, I had B help me take pictures of moi + fruit / veggie that was comparable to the size of baby at that week.  Unfortunately, we did not do every week usually because 1) I ate the fruit or veggie already (couldn’t wait!) or 2) It was something strange like rutabaga that I had never heard of or cooked before.  There are so many ways to have fun with baby before she is really here.  I can’t believe that there are only 5 weeks left before the 40th week mark!

Hope you enjoy these as much as we did taking them ^__^









Going Pumpkin Picking

I’m a little (big) pumpkin, short and stout…


This post is about a month overdue.  B and I went pumpkin picking with his family a little before Halloween this year.  We explored Demarest Farms in Hillsdale, NJ.  While I had my reservations about the place because of it’s very commercial-like feel (i.e. needing to pay $5 to take the hay ride to get to the pumpkin patch where the pumpkins were already cut and laid out for picking), we had a great time taking pictures, eating apple cider donuts, and finding pumpkins.  Here are some pictures from our adventure (I apologize in advance that most of them feature myself – B likes to take pictures, I don’t mind posing, and I have automatic photo permission to show up on my blog).


Riding an immovable tractor under B’s supervision.


Drooling over the apple cider donuts and potato pancakes.  Which one to pick?  Plain, cinnamon sugar, or powdered?

 Go with the cinnamon sugar, they are the most moist!  Baby kicked in agreement ^_^


Still haven’t gotten any taller since 8th grade but my waistline sure is growing rapidly these days!


Sitting prim and proper in the pumpkin patch.

Baby Pumpkin

B and I are not big into Halloween (except when I get to take advantage of chocolate candies) but this year, we (I) were set on pumpkin carving together for the first time.  We went to Trader Joe’s to get some milk and decided to get a pumpkin there as well.  For only $3.99, you could pick any “generic” pumpkin you wanted from the bin.  The specialty ones with different colors, stripes, and bumps were three dollars more.  Well, we probably waited too late given that it was only 2 weeks before Halloween and many of the non-specialty pumpkins had white fuzzy moldy stems and bruised sides.  B prohibited me from digging through the bin of heavy orange gourds myself so I helped him seek out the prettiest roundest non-moldy stemmed pumpkin.  Originally my greedy self wanted to carve three – one for me, one for B, and one for baby.  But I had mercy on B and said we would just take one.  The first one I thought I wanted ended up being flat on one side.  The second one I thought I wanted had beige warty patches.  Then finally, after B had shifted these pumpkins from one side of the bin and back, I spotted the perfect pumpkin – at the very bottom.  If I had married any lesser of a gentleman, I am sure by that point I would have either been abandoned at Trader Joe’s or yelled into the car with a non-perfect pumpkin.

Anyhoo, we carried our perfect baby pumpkin-to-be home and carved it two nights ago.  I googled, “cute pumpkin faces” and “baby pumpkin” for inspiration.  Not very innovative searches, but I ended up finding something I liked and tweeked it a little to make it as cute as I could.  I sharpied the design onto the pumpkin (after getting B’s approval) and B used his expert carving skills to make my vision come to life.  We took turns scooping out the gooey stringy innards and after much chipping away…

pumpkinmaking3    pumpkinmaking2    pumpkinmaking1



Since we are the cheesy couple that we are, we could not help but pose in this way with our baby pumpkin.  In case you are not familiar with this pose, we are poking at her dimples.